Jul 31, 2010

Operation Backpack to ease bad economy woes: Free back to school supplies in Spring Hill Florida http://ping.fm/y4p8i
Gulf media blackout: BP turns off live video feed for three days: Wellhead is leaking http://ping.fm/dkwlS
Service dog puppy helps disabled Florida woman by instinct http://ping.fm/8Z1JP

Jul 30, 2010

Gulf media blackout: BP turns off live video feed for three days: Wellhead is leaking http://ping.fm/WLbAc
Respectable patrons stereotyped as ‘low income’ addicts in moral crusade against gambling http://ping.fm/ck8Gt

Jul 29, 2010

Whistle blower: BP dispersant poses greater risk than admitted: EPA does flip flop on Corexit http://ping.fm/3NoSi
BP media blackout news:Whistleblower claims conspiracy between BP and EPA to hide oil spill impact http://ping.fm/yUfvn
Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander supports Bush tax cut extension, even if it makes the deficit worse http://ping.fm/OKJ7X

Jul 28, 2010

Rescued abused horse learns to trust again http://ping.fm/7DCrN
Arizona immigration law is unconstitutional in part, says judge http://ping.fm/hxFUU
Florida police sting against Sweepstakes Parlors, Internet Cafe's called off for lack of evidence http://ping.fm/T4Jth

Jul 27, 2010

Florida oil spill UPDATE: BP says top kill mud was toxic: Tony Hayward testimony may now be perjury http://ping.fm/YbAWY
Tony Hayward's bad handling of Gulf oil spill and BP shakeup has oil industry running scared http://ping.fm/jBD5Z
Florida elections 2010 candidate profile:Rebecca Bays County Commissioner district 4 http://ping.fm/sg5u3
Tony Hayward's bad handling of Gulf oil spill and BP shakeup has oil industry running scared http://ping.fm/S2qJD
BP admits top kill mud was toxic: Tony Hayward US Senate testimony might now prove to be perjury http://ping.fm/mGj6X

Jul 25, 2010

Conservative Tea Party pushes to abolish Americans with Disabilities Act :Florida 2010 elections http://ping.fm/Vux34
Florida oil spill media blackout UPDATE:Some scientists break the silence with fear of BP disbursant http://ping.fm/fCLBM
BP media blackout UPDATE: Scientists emerge with warnings of BP chemical disbersant abuse http://ping.fm/xJms0

Jul 24, 2010

County budget cuts could mean big break for small businesses http://ping.fm/aLPwM
Brooksville Florida Animal Control makes excuses to kill animals instead of having them adopted http://ping.fm/17zrI

Jul 23, 2010

Gulf oil spill crews evacuate: BP loses chance to cap leaky well before stockholder meeting http://ping.fm/rXK8P
Pew Research: Obama economic policy, distribution of wealth favors big business and the wealthy http://ping.fm/7n3yW

Jul 22, 2010

Tampa oil spill UPDATE: Relief well stopped due to tropical weather system: Marine death toll rising http://ping.fm/SLEhu

Jul 21, 2010

Florida economy, fishing industry face long-term damage from BP oil spill and chemical dispersant http://ping.fm/vpIlR
Republican Marco Rubio struggles to explain how he would reduce the federal deficit. http://ping.fm/lB7Ix

Jul 20, 2010

Oil spill media blackout evidence: BP buying scientists to hide data http://ping.fm/Pvox8
BP: Static kill next plan to cap well and hide per gallon spill count? http://ping.fm/JMnYz

Jul 19, 2010

Brooksville, Florida Animal Control too busy killing animals to talk to people who want to adopt http://ping.fm/jgHZK
Sea floor methane gas leak confirmed:Are local Florida authorities part of oil spill media blackout? http://ping.fm/rYxRq
Oil spill media blackout UPDATE for Tampa, Florida: Gulf oil spill sea floor leak now confirmed http://ping.fm/sxmQg

Jul 18, 2010

BP, US Government send conflicting signals over keeping Macondo well cap closed http://ping.fm/f3ykq

Jul 17, 2010

BP Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez: Disasters with too much in common http://ping.fm/Pciiw
House Minority Leader John Boehner calls for moratorium on new federal regulations http://ping.fm/pwiTe

Jul 16, 2010

Is the American economy destined to fail? http://ping.fm/2ohpX
Obama financial reform bill passes with Republican votes http://ping.fm/KgqNX
Tampa oil spill update on BP cap: President Obama warns Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis is not over http://ping.fm/e8lY1

Jul 15, 2010

BP temporarily stops oil flow into Gulf of Mexico with new containment cap http://ping.fm/rJotu
Bob Cavnar: BP well integrity test, new containment cap, another BP trick to beat oil spill fines http://ping.fm/0zB6Y
Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill: Environmental damage may be permanent http://ping.fm/6jpwQ
Scientists make disturbing discovery in exams of dead Gulf oil spill dolphins, Kemps ridley turtles http://ping.fm/VXJBf
BP cut off from new US oil drilling leases: California Democrat Miller amendment passes http://ping.fm/xT9zI

Jul 14, 2010

BP Macondo well: More evidence of damage: BP stops drilling relief wells, delays pressure test http://ping.fm/uq7h1

Jul 13, 2010

Increasing reports of toxic oil rain on Gulf Coast and Tampa Florida raising oil spill concerns http://ping.fm/wgmDI
Residents outraged by approval of new housing development as foreclosures continue to create slums http://ping.fm/P5WWU
Can BP help payoff the US national debt with EPA per barrel oil spill fines? http://ping.fm/wKToT
Lawsuit forces BP to allow rescue of sea turtles before burning oil slicks http://ping.fm/0JtPY
Increasing reports of toxic oil rain on Gulf Coast and Tampa Florida raising oil spill concerns http://ping.fm/vOVfA

Jul 12, 2010

New containment cap pressure test can determine Relief Well success or failure http://ping.fm/6xjnQ

Jul 10, 2010

Florida oil spill: Health update fact sheet for Tampa and St. Peteresburg http://ping.fm/LDQnc
BP oil spill disaster enters critical phase as Gulf relief well approaches damaged casing http://ping.fm/jkZ14
Gulf oil spill disaster:Health Dept. fact sheet says BP dispersant Corexit contains carcinogen:Video http://ping.fm/VE1ck

Jul 8, 2010

BP Gulf disaster: Relief well progress and media blackout paint a grim picture: Video, photos http://ping.fm/Udf0b

Jul 7, 2010

Tar balls reach east coast of Florida: Cocoa Beach hit with tar balls http://ping.fm/Lv7lq
BP relief wells UPDATE: Video and pictures of progress as drills approach BP Macondo well casing http://ping.fm/Mf6bh
Florida budget crisis:Hernando Co. strips Nature Coast appeal with more taxes, fees, cuts to service http://ping.fm/N8QWY

Jul 6, 2010

NOAA oil spill maps UPDATE: BP oil leak projections for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida Keys, Miami http://ping.fm/vs3UE

Jul 5, 2010

BP Community Liaison Kindra Arnesen: Human life is ‘expendable’ in Gulf oil spill crisis: Video http://ping.fm/gr93U
BP gives Gulf of Mexico Corexit overdose: Submerged oil more deadly than surface oil slick http://ping.fm/ydbO5
BP shuns US government, EPA: Corexit still flows against orders: Media blackout worsens http://ping.fm/hjLHA

Jul 4, 2010

Gulf oil spill health UPDATE: Hundreds of people get sick after swimming in Gulf http://ping.fm/jItqC
Whistle Blower to Testify on Oil Spill Worst Fear:BP Deliberately Sinks Oil with Corexit as Cover Up - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com http://ping.fm/X2lJe

Jul 3, 2010

Animal rescue takes on new meaning in Gulf oil spill era http://ping.fm/xmZb6
RFK Jr: BP has incentive to hide size of Deepwater Horizon oil spill http://ping.fm/kFdy1

Jul 2, 2010

Corexit 9500: Cause of death for Exxon Valdez oil spill clean up workers? http://ping.fm/NmVoJ

Jul 1, 2010

How dangerous is BP chemical disbursant Corexit 9500 for people in Tampa and St. Petersburg? http://ping.fm/NxYuO