Jan 14, 2012

More campaign spending can equal more votes

For the past 10 years, an overwhelming majority of winning candidates have been those who have spent the most money.

In 2012, candidates vying for President Obama's chair in the Oval Office are expected to spend more than a billion dollars combined.

Jan 13, 2012

Doctors warn fracking pollution is endangering the health of millions

Doctors nationwide are calling for a ban on hydraulic fracking because chemical pollution from the fracking process is entering the drinking water supply and endangering the health of the public.

Due to the 2005 Bush/ Cheney Energy Bill, commonly referred to as the Halliburton Loophole, the companies that are fracking are allowed to keep the toxicity of the chemicals they are using secret.

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Jan 8, 2012

2012 GOP candidates flip flop on abortion issues

In the race to see who can change their position on abortion issues the most, the current 2012 GOP presidential field has done some of the greatest flip flops in recent history.

Mitt Romney first favored abortion rights, now he does not.

Rick Perry once supported abortion in cases of rape and incest, but has also changed his mind. Now he believes a woman should carry a pregnancy to term no matter how the child was conceived.

Ron Paul is against abortion policy decisions on a national level. According to the New York Times, Paul believes that "only the states should enforce laws against abortion."

Gingrich and Huntsman may be considered the most liberal of the 2012 candidates on abortion. Both favor the right to life, but make exceptions for rape and incest.

On the far end of the spectrum is Santorum, who suggests that a doctor who performs an abortion should be considered a criminal. But in order for Santorum to achieve his goal of jailing abortion doctors on a national scale, he would have to amend the Constitution and overturn Roe v. Wade.

Michele Bachmann is in a close race with Santorum for the most conservative views. She not only believes that abortion should be banned in all cases, she is also against birth control.

While Santorum and Huntsman have remained steady in their right to life views, there is still time before the 2012 elections for them to change their positions. Whether or not they will remains to be seen.