Jun 20, 2012

Domino Effect ranch now operating as RDA Equine Services

After months of negative publicity surrounding Domino Effect ranch in Weeki Wachee, Florida, Robert and Dinnelle Ashcraft have implemented a new strategy for their horse business. They are now operating at the same location with an additional name, RDA Equine Services.

The addition of RDA Equine Services to Domino Effect Rescue Ranch, came after WTSP Channel 10 News aired a report in April. It said that said Robert Ashcraft “lied” on his Florida application for fundraising, which lead to the Domino Effect license being revoked. It was later reinstated when Mrs. Ashcraft reapplied in her own name, and truthfully reported that her husband was a convicted felon.

Under the terms of Robert Ashcraft’s agreement with the State of Florida, he was forbidden to handle money on behalf of Domino Effect ranch, a non-profit organization. So Mrs. Ashcraft set up RDA Equine Services in her name, as a for-profit company.
RDA Equine Services is titled with the initials of Mrs. Ashcraft’s husband, Robert Delany Ashcraft.

According to the Domino Effect Facebook page, “RDA Equines Services is off again to pick up horses today in Polk City, Florida transporting them to their new homes in Deland, Florida."

"Profit or Nonprofit ~ ALL funds go towards caring for the animals here at the Domino Effect Rescue Ranch!!!” Domino Effect added.

RDA Equine Services is now operating on behalf of Domino Effect ranch with Robert Ashcraft as its only employee.

Watch the WTSP TV Channel 10 video on Domino Effect Rescue Ranch, "Horse charity trouble"

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 Originally published: Tampa Animal Welfare Examiner

Jun 11, 2012

Bernanke warns of economic damage from deep budget cuts

Warnings grow on Republican budget cuts

Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, agrees with many economists, who have warned Republicans in congress not to follow the failed economic policies of European nations who have ruined their economies with deep and sudden spending cuts.

“Bernanke told the Joint Economic Committee that lawmakers face a delicate challenge: They must avoid deep spending cuts that could impede the recovery.”

Senator Max Baucus agrees. “The United States is on a "dangerous path" that could lead to a European-style fiscal crisis, warned the Senate's top tax legislator on Monday,” according to Reuters. “We're on a dangerous path. If we don't act, it could lead towards fiscal crisis like some European countries,” Baucus added.

Economist Mark Weisbrot compares deep budget cuts and austerity measures to “pouring gas on a fire,” and said the European financial crisis created a “self-inflicted recession.”

Cuts in government spending means layoffs of federal workers, which takes spending money out of the economy. When US consumers spend less, demand for goods and services decreases, causing further economic contraction.

With deep budget cuts, Republicans are actually selling more unemployment under the auspice of ‘smaller government.’ But in reality, the policy is in complete contrast to proven methods to stimulate job growth.

Jun 9, 2012

What Republicans want and what they can get with Citizens United

There is no doubt that Citizens United has brought more money into the 2012 elections than any other election in history. There is also no doubt that most of it is coming from ultra conservative groups with Super PACs. There is a goal for these millions of dollars, and it does not paint a pretty picture for most Americans.

If you look at the pattern that has emerged since the Citizens United decision allowed unlimited corporate spending in U.S. campaigns, it is terrifying.

What the Supreme Court has done with Citizens United has allowed a handful of very wealthy people, both Americans and foreigners, to buy the representation of their choice in U.S. elections, so laws and regulations can be changed in their favor. The balance of the population is not even an afterthought.

Permanent damage to democracy and freedom.....full story