Mar 29, 2012

2012 Macbook Pro redesign morphs into 15 inch Macbook Air: Will Windows Ultrabooks follow or win?

Some say the Ultrabook market was born with the Macbook Air and there is plenty of evidence to support that claim. Since its introduction in 2008, Apple lit a fire in the portable computing market that Windows Ultrabooks have been chasing ever since. Yet as with all new technology, some ideas breakout as big hits and others leave loyal customers scratching their heads.

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HBO True Blood creator Alan Ball leaving show after Season 5

The mere thought of a potential end to any part of the immortal vampires of True Blood is unthinkable to fans of the popular HBO series. But changes are coming up as sure as vampires rise after dark.

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Is Stand Your Ground law a mask for hate crime vigilantism in Trayvon Martin killing?

The death of Trayvon Martin has done more than raise questions about racism in America; it has sparked controversy about whether Stand Your Ground laws have made murder and vigilantism legal.

After the Stand Your Ground law was passed in Florida, “justifiable” homicides have tripled.

“When the Legislature passed this in 2005, I don’t think they planned for people who would go out and become vigilantes or be like some weird Batman who would go out and kill little kids like Trayvon," Florida Sen. Oscar Braynon, D-Miami Gardens, told CBS News Miami.

However, people have used Stand Your Ground to kill, and only two individuals have actually been charged with a crime for operating outside the scope of the law since enacted.

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Striking down healthcare individual mandate may lead to U.S. single-payer system

Whatever the Supreme Court decides in the Affordable Care Act case, the impact will be profound.

The whole point of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare,” was to make health insurance more affordable and more accessible to more Americans. It does achieve that goal. In it's first year, the Affordable Care Act helped add more than 1.2 million people the the rolls of the insured, according to Forbes.

However if the Supreme Court decides that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, the entire health insurance industry will change dramatically.

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2012 MacBook Air faces serious challenge from Asus Zenbook Ultrabook

In the world of Ultrabooks there are two that stand out as setting the industry standard; the MacBook Air and Asus Zenbook. And both are about to be reborn with upgrades to a new generation of Intel Ivy Bridge processors. But that’s not all the hotrods of the Ultrabook field will be sporting this spring.

The MacBook Air and Asus Zenbook are both headed for changes that will make the sleek, sexy machines more competitive than ever before.

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Mar 27, 2012

Hernando Co Animal control responds to Domino Effect ranch conflict of interest

On Monday, a photo of Hernando County Animal Services Officer, Terri Blake was published on the Domino Effect ranch website. It was in response to a series of complaints and published reports of alleged wrong-doing at Domino Effect ranch, beginning in November 2011.

Below are the emails that followed. They have not been edited and are being published for information purposes as a matter of public record.

From: Maryann Tobin
To: Liana Teague, Manager, Hernando County Animal Services
March 26, 2012


Would you like to officially comment on the photo of your Animal Services officer, Terri, hand delivering public records /emails to Robert Ashcraft at Domino Effect on March 26, 2012?

Since requests for public records must be picked up by those who request them, I welcome your official statement on why they were personally delivered.

Please feel free to add your remarks on how the photograph of Terri and Mr. Ashcraft holding papers in his hand should by no means be considered any indication of a conflict of interest between Domino Effect and Hernando County Animal Services.

Thank you.

Inline image 1

Domino Effect "Terri come to see us today to hand-deliver more harrassing e-mails towards us. DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA!!!"

The official reply from Hernando County Animal Services follows:

Liana Teague
4:24 PM (2 hours ago)

to me, Mike
Officer Blake visited Domino Effect to conduct an inspection pursuant to another complaint that was received.   While she was there she did provide a copy of the public record emails which were requested by Domino Effect.  We do not make special trips just to deliver public records documents. In fact, Domino Effect came in and picked up their last public records request.  This is not a conflict of interest.   Domino Effect has also been inspected by the Department of Agriculture and the Sheriff’s Department with the same findings made by Hernando County Animal Services.

Thank you, Liana

Liana Teague, Manager
Code & Animal Services
19450 Oliver Street
Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 796-5062

In response, the following email was sent to Hernando County Animal Services
on March 27, 2012, from Maryann Tobin


Thanks for getting back to me. If you don't mind, please clarify your statement, and if you don't mind, please answer some addition questions, which I have listed below.

Why would office Blake be conducting an inspection at Domino Effect out of uniform?

Where is the report for the inspection you said she was conducting? Do I have to make a formal public records request for it?

Why would an Animal Services Officer, whose salary is paid by taxpayers, personally hand deliver emails to Mr. Ashcraft under any circumstances?

Can you name anyone else you have also extended this type of personal service to?

If I order public records from your office, will you also have an officer hand deliver them to me?

Were these emails part of the original request that included conversations between myself and you/HCAS, or have personal email complaints from customers and others also been given to Ashcraft whether he requested them or not?

Has Ashcraft made additional public records requests?

Additional important questions:

Domino Effect has had their solicitation license revoked because Ashcraft lied on the State of Florida application, which is a crime. Has any action been taken on that? Or will he be allowed to break the law without fines or any sort of penalty?

If Ashcraft faces no consequences for lying on his Florida solicitation license, please state why such exceptions have been granted.

According to blog and Facebook statements by Mrs. Ashcraft, Domino Effect has applied for another license under a different name. If the state grants such a license knowing that Mr. Ashcraft is still associated with Domino Effect,
please state why you would not consider that money laundering, since solicited funds would simply be coming in through a different name, but still end up at Domino Effect.
In your initial inspection report on Domino Effect, there were violations found that included horses being sold and transported without coggins. Please explain why Domino Effect paid no fines, but was instead granted several weeks to obtain the necessary documents.

Is this common practice for HCAS and Dept. of Agriculture to grant exceptions and/or extensions for violations? If So, can you name other rescues that have also been granted exceptions to Florida law with regard to transporting and selling  horses without a coggins?

You official replies to theses questions would alleviate all basis for presumptions or accusations of inaccurate information. All I am interested in are the facts.

Since I realize you may be giving this email to Mr. Ashcraft for him to publish it on his blog, I see no reason for me to not to make it public.

You may answer all the questions, some of the questions, or none of the questions. Your replies, or absence of replies will be noted and may be published in a news report.

If you think any of the questions are unfair, please feel free to say why you think that is the case.

Thank you for your cooperation in providing the facts regarding Domino Effect ranch in Weeki Wachee, Florida.

The response of Hernando County Animal Services will be published if and when a reply is received.

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Mar 20, 2012

Have Americans forgotten how to be human?

What is missing from American life in the 21st century may have been best summarized by Ted Kennedy more than 43 years ago.

At the funeral of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, Ted Kennedy said , "My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life, to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it."

People don't seem to care about being good and decent anymore. Wrong is often rewarded, rather than corrected. Suffering is largely ignored, and  the American government remains at war, both on foreign soil and against her own people.

There are more people suffering in America today than there have been in decades.  The foreclosure crisis has left millions homeless. Yet the banks that caused the crisis were allowed to walk away, not only their homes, but with record profits made possible by the largest taxpayer funded government handout in history.

The very nature of the word 'human' implies more than a species. It implies a state of mind and essence that holds compassion for the weak, the poor and the sick. Helping others while expecting nothing in return is an extinct concept in American society today.

It's hard to say exactly where America went wrong. But it is surely no longer a land where the wealthy would echo Ted Kennedy's words,  "Through no virtues and accomplishments of our own, we have been fortunate enough to be born in the United States under the most comfortable conditions. We, therefore, have a responsibility to others who are less well off."

Domino Effect Ranch has license revoked by State of Florida

Robert Ashcraft and Dinnelle Ashcraft, the owners of Domino Effect Ranch, submitted an application to solicit funds on December 12, 2011with the Florida Division of Consumer Services. The application was initially granted on December 31, 2011, but has now been revoked. 

When the Ashcraft's filled out the State application for Domino Effect Ranch, they entered false information.

Domino Effect ranch spreads hate, blocks comments from Maryann Tobin

How to choose a legitimate horse rescue


As with any business, there are some signs of reputation and quality care that are easy to see, while others may require some research on your part.
When it comes to adopting an animal you hope to spend many happy, healthy years with, a little extra time spend in the beginning,may spare you years of future regret and unnecessary expense.


Domino Effect Ranch has license revoked by Florida DOA

Mar 19, 2012

Domino Effect ranch spins desperate tale of falsehoods

The emails contain claims of alleged misrepresentation regarding horses being sold from the ranch. I have also been sent dozens of photos that show horses at Domino Effect ranch deteriorating over time from underfeeding. I have taken these people at their word since they are sharing their own, first-hand experiences. Domino Effect has declined to provide an official comment thus far.

Mar 5, 2012

Domino Effect ranch offered opportunity to reply to allegations against them

Domino Effect ranch in Weeki Wachee, Florida has been the subject of controversy since November 9, 2011, when a video  surfaced on Facebook. It depicted a horse that was badly injured after being blindfolded after refusing to load into a trailer bound for Domino Effect ranch.

Domino Effect ranch: An email horror story of horse abuse

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Florida man in bloody horse tragedy has criminal history

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