Jul 26, 2012

Old school Republicans trying to control Tea Party government shutdowns

Since taking control of congress in 2010, the Tea Party wing of the GOP has wreaked havoc on the entire country. Now, old school Republicans are trying to limit future damage by the dysfunctional, radical conservative Tea Party Republicans through legislation.

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US workers cheated out of their pay file 7,000 lawsuits

More than 7,000 lawsuits have been filed against US employers, who have cheated their workers out of their pay. Most of the cases involve underpayments.

The discrepancies often occur when workers are asked to work overtime, then are not paid for it. Other problems include the miscalculation of hours worked, which short-changes workers, resulting in lower pay.

Problems involving US employers who are cheating workers out of their pay is on the rise.

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Jul 21, 2012

Asus Zenbook touch screen challenges MacBook Pro retina display

It may seem like an astonishing claim, but the full HD, IPS display on the 2012 Asus Zenbook Prime is considered a true challenger to the MacBook Pro retina display. Add a touch screen option to the Asus Zenbook and Apple appears to be facing some real competition.

While no one has ever accused Apple of being a sleeping giant, Asus is winning respect in the hotly-contested Ultrabook market, and the 2012 Zenbook Prime is leading the way...

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