Jul 27, 2017

Reality TV is not a form of government

Opinion | Commentary
For just about everyone not part of Trump’s hard-core base, 45 may go down in history as the most unfit Twitter troll ever to sit in the Oval Office. But is that enough to make him a one-term president?
Consider Trump’s first six months in office. The Tweeter-in-Chief has made it clear that he’s terrified of what special counsel Robert Mueller might find in the tax returns he’s been hiding. His chaos-ridden White House seems to have staffer’s running for the doors, being sacked, or trying not to look stupid as the ‘boss’ throws them under a bus with unhinged tweets.
Then there are the questions about Trump’s mental stability, which apparently do not require any medical training to diagnose.
As noted by AOL News,
Another hot mic moment for two U.S. senators. This time, Republican Susan Collins and Democrat Jack Reed were talking specifically about President Trump and his budget. They both called the White House's handling of spending irresponsible, saying, "I think -- I think he's crazy. I mean, I don't say that lightly and as a kind of a goofy guy."
Although eight years of Trump may be a dream-come-true for some Republicans, most racists, and Vladimir Putin, it’s hard to see how he even manages to get through his second six months without a lethal, self-inflicted wound that even Republicans can’t ignore. That’s not to say that the likes of Granny-starver Paul Ryan, and turtle robot impersonator Mitch McConnell wouldn’t let Attila the Hun stampede a herd of oxen through the Capital if they thought it would allow them to take health care away from millions and give billionaires more tax breaks. But Trump is something else. The minute it looks like he’ll cost them votes in the next election, they’ll turn on him like a female praying mantis after breeding.
So who wants Trump to get a second term? There's a good chance that the sane, and anyone who prefers democracy over dictatorship hopes Trump doesn’t finish his first term and leaves wearing an ankle monitor. As for the 25 percent of low information voters in fly over states who think reality TV is a form of government? Well, lets just hope they stay away from voting booths, and everyone else has finally learned that staying home on Election Day is not an option anymore.