May 15, 2012

Greyhound rescued from highway fights to survive injuries

No one is really sure exactly how a greyhound ended up running lose on Interstate 75, near Gainesville, Fla., but when he was finally caught by a Good Samaritan, the two year old brindle-fawn dog began a fight for his life.

On May 9, Goldcoast Greyhound Adoptions rescue volunteer Kendra Stauffer posted an account of what happened to "Freeway" on the Goldcoast Greyhound Rescue Facebook page.

"We got a call from Judy Shamp of the Orlando branch about a greyhound running down I-75. Some folks stopped traffic to get the dog and held him until I could get there. He was in shock, had a fever, and was severely dehydrated. He is a 2-year-old fawn male. He still had his racing muzzle on and his kennel collar. I have no idea if he was being hauled and escaped or is loose from a local kennel and frankly, don't care. He has over 20 wounds on his body, some severe, and some pretty serious road rash."

Freeway was rushed to the University of Florida....Full story....

If you would like to help Goldcoast Greyhound Adoptions, Inc., with a donation for Freeway's care and medical expenses click here.

Goldcoast Greyhound Adoptions is a registered 501 c3 non-profit corporation.

May 14, 2012

Mac vs. PC: Is an Apple computer really better than a PC?

There are millions of hard core MacBook Pro users who say they would never buy a Windows PC. They cite a variety of reasons for their Apple brand loyalty, ranging from the customer service is better, to the user interface is simpler, to the operating system in a Mac is just superior to Windows. But better for some may have a different meaning than it does for others. 

There are some distinct advantages to using a MacBook Pro over a Windows PC. For one thing, OSX Lion is born with dozens of built-in Apps which are part of the operating system. They can easily be stored on Apple’s iCloud servers and shared on multiple devices, like other computers and iPhones.
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