Oct 31, 2010

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Oct 30, 2010

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Oct 28, 2010

Oil spill panel: Halliburton cement failed in BP Deepwater Horizon blowout http://ping.fm/mkLQH

Halliburton cement failed in Deepwater Horizon blowout

The BP Deepwater Horizon blowout may have been caused by an unstable cement mix brewed by Halliburton, the company hired to seal the BP leased Macondo oil well. However, information gathered from testimony at the President’s Oil Spill Commission show that Halliburton may have made false claims about the stability of their cement mixture.

“The cement mix's failure to prevent oil and gas from entering the well has been identified by BP and others as one of the causes of the accident. BP and Halliburton decided to use a foam slurry created by injecting nitrogen into cement to secure the bottom of the well, a decision outside experts have criticized,” according to the Huffington Post.

"The panel says that of four tests conducted in February and April by Halliburton, only one – the last – showed the mix would hold. But the results of that single successful test were not shared with BP, and may not have reached Halliburton, before the cement was pumped, according to a letter sent to commissioners Thursday by chief investigative counsel Fred Bartlit."

"BP had in hand at the time of the blowout the results of only one of the tests – a February analysis sent to BP by Halliburton on March 8 that indicated the cement could fail.

Despite knowledge of the risk of a major blowout, BP chose to move forward with drilling the 5,000 foot deep water well.

Eleven men died when a gas bubble exploded on the deck of the Deepwater Horizon on April 20, 1020. The rig burned for two days before it was thrown into the sea, marking the beginning of the worst oil spill in American history.

During the course of the five month long disaster, 186,480,000 gallons of oil (4.4M barrels) and nearly 2 million gallons of chemical dispersant  were poured into the Gulf of Mexico. The long term affects on the ecosystem and human health are still unknown.

Oct 26, 2010

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Oct 25, 2010

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Oct 22, 2010

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Oct 21, 2010

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Oct 19, 2010

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Oct 18, 2010

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Oct 17, 2010

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Oct 16, 2010

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Oct 14, 2010

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Oct 9, 2010

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Oct 7, 2010

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Oct 6, 2010

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Oct 5, 2010

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Oct 4, 2010

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Oct 2, 2010

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Oct 1, 2010

What happens when lobbyists complete their takeover of America?

“The President meets with the Democratic Blue ...Image via Wikipedia
As recent polls suggest, America is indeed heading in the wrong direction. A confused and manipulated electorate is being brainwashed into believing that the United States of America should no longer be ruled by its people for the greater good. Instead the masses are being led to believe that every inch of our nation should be run by, and for, profit.

When votes no longer count toward serving the will of the people, we will see the end of Democracy. Some believe we have already arrived.

The conservative Republican agenda is pro-big business and pro-deregulation. On the other side of the isle, Democrats have traditionally been the party of the middle-class, but even that platform has become clouded with the rise of the Blue Dog Democrats. In reality, party affiliation matters less and less since millionaire lobbyists are influencing more decisions in Washington than constituents. The trend seems to be running away like a loose horse in the marketplace. Whatever gets in the way is trampled and crushed.

What exactly does this mean for average Americans who have to work for a living?
There is no clear-cut answer as to where our corporate-owned US government will ultimately take us, but if we consider the foreclosure epidemic and 2010 Census data showing poverty at its highest level in 100 years, the direction is down for all but the super rich in our fading Democracy.

Back in 1999, “An agreement between the Clinton administration and congressional Republicans, reached during all-night negotiations which concluded in the early hours of October 22, set the stage for passage of the most sweeping banking deregulation bill in American history, lifting virtually all restraints on the operation of the giant monopolies which dominate the financial system.”

The move was orchestrated by lobbyists in “the best-financed campaign of influence-buying ever seen in Washington.” But only until the health care reform debate began.
“In the first quarter of 2009, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America spent $7 million dollars lobbying against the President’s proposal. Pfizer came in second spending more than $6 million.”

There is a pattern here that should terrify most Americans. Things being discussed in today’s political arena that were considered political suicide a decade ago are now getting serious attention. Dismantling Social Security, repealing the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act, and lowing or eliminating the national minimum wage. All these are targeted at giving more money to millionaires and less to the general public. America’s safety net is the enemy of big business because accommodating it cuts into corporate profits.

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