Mar 21, 2014

Sorry, Science Deniers, the earth is not flat

The current trend among some conservatives to ignore science or change established facts to suit a religion-based political agenda is a threat to more than just the intelligence of the human species. Extolling false claims puts the entire economic and social structure of the planet at risk of catastrophic failure.

America is suffering from fundamental socioeconomic flaws that are getting worse, and reducing the role of government is part of the problem. Governments by their very nature are charged with the role of stabilizing society, protecting the public and promoting self-improvement and creativity among the general population. In a truly advanced society, basic humans needs such as food and medicine have been met, so individuals can focus on intellectual growth.

However, the exact reverse has taken hold in America. Programs that help the hungry are being cut, while government assistance for the economically sufficient is expanded. More than 50 million Americans suffer from food insecurity in a country that has an abundance of food. Another 44,000 die each year because they have no health insurance and medical care. Allowing so many people to struggle without basic needs being met is not the path to an advanced society.

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